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    Oman News Agency(ONA) was established as per Royal Decree No. 39/86 on 29/5/1986. On 25/6/1997 , Oman Establishment for Press , News, Publication and Advertising (OEPNPA) was established as per the Royal Decree No. 43/97. As per the same Royal decree , Oman News Agency has been one of the units of the Oman Establishment till the issuance of the Royal Decree No. 75/2006 which transfered Oman News Agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information with effect from 16/7/2006. Oman News Agency falls directly under the Minister of Information.

    Prerogatives and Objectives

    ONA is the official channel for news about the Sultanate and it is the centre which receives daily news and reports from the various parts of the world and reproduces what it sees appropriate through its network to other media inside the Sultanate and abroad. ONA has successfully carried out its duties domestically and abroad and it continuously improves its performance to achieve the following objectives. - Contributing to developing the Omani citizen through acquainting him/her with the local, regional and international developments. - Receiving local, Gulf, Arab and international [accurate, clear and honest] news and reflecting the development efforts in various fields. - Demonstrating trends of the public opinion and the views of officials accurately and honestly and without jeopardizing the safety or security of the state or compromising individuals dignity or their rights. This is in addition to collecting, classifying and analyzing information on issues and topics of concern to the homeland and citizens in accordance with the requirements of the public interest. - Photographing domestic and international events and preparing same for distribution locally and abroad. - Preparing interviews and reports to cover various domestic, regional and international developments to shed light on Oman stands and keep abreast of national accomplishments in various fields. - Exchanging, marketing and transmitting its services with domestic, regional and international media through the signing of agreements with other media institutions. ONA is linked with several news agencies and Gulf, Arab and international informational institutions through cooperation agreements. ONA issues several specialist bulletins in a way that provides information to its recepients domestically and abroad.

    Organisational Structure

    ONA organisational structure includes the following departments:- - Arabic Editing Department - English Editing Department - Photography Department - Reporters and Correspondents Department - Reporting and Studies Department - Archive Department - Bulletin Preparation Department - Internet Department - ONA branch in the Governorate of Dhofar.


    ONA daily transmission starts from 8.30 am to 1 am throughout the whole week. On national occasions or significant events, transmission may go beyond this timing or begin earlier. ONA transmits its news through local and international telegraphic circuits linking ONA headquarters with Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel). It transmits in both Arabic and English languages by using computers (News Manager) programme. Editing and transmission is carried out in accordance with well-known modern technologies in this field.

    Distribution and Bilateral Cooperation

    ONA distributes its daily bulletin to local subscribers through direct lines. ONA is also linked through close cooperation with the News Agencies of Gulf Cooperation Council States and other Arab and foreign News Agencies. ONA is also linked through bilateral cooperation agreements with a number of Arab and foreign news agencies to exchange news and photographs with these agencies. ONA is a member of the Organisation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), International Islamic News Agency and the Organisation of Asia Pacific News Agencies (OANA). It also takes part in the annual meetings of the News Agencies of the Gulf cooperation Council states

    Other Activities

    Besides transmitting and distributing news, reports and photographs to its subscribers, ONA also prepares a daily special bulletin which includes the most important developments in the world. ONA provides its personnel, all of whom are Omanis, with specialist training courses inside the Sultanate and abroad. It maintains good cooperation relations with several Gulf, Arab and international news agencies.

    Correspondents inside the Sultanate and abroad

    ONA has a number of correspondents in the Sultanate's various governorates and wilayats, as well as other correspondents in several Gulf, Arab and foreign capitals who enable it to cover local and international developments and events.

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