International Conference on Consanguineous Marriage Continues


Muscat, March 18 (ONA) --- Deliberations of the International Conference on Consanguineous Marriage under the title "Towards Discovering Disease-Causing Genes or that Protect Against Diseases" continued at Al Bustan Palace Hotel today. The conference is being organized by the Genetics Department at the College of Medicine in SQU in collaboration with The Research Council (TRC), European Genetic Institution and the University of Bologna in Italy.

   A number of local and international experts in genetics, medicine and epidemiology from various countries, such as the USA, Australia, Europe and the Middle East are taking part in the conference, which focuses on the latest developments in the research field on consanguineous marriage and its impact on the health care.

   Dr. Saud bin Ali al-Bimani, Vice-Chancellor of SQU said that the conference is important in availing the partnership between SQU and the University of Bologna in Italy in terms of exchanging researches and joint studies, as well as enhancing the partnership between the researchers in SQU and the scholars in other scientific institutions.

  He explained that the researches being presented in the conference are important as they put forward a number of solutions for problems related to genes, such as Thalassemia and blood diseases.

  Dr. Ali al-Ajmi from S.Q.U Hospital explained that this is the first conference to be held in the Sultanate on genetic diseases as it tries to find out the causes of the genetic diseases and limiting them in the Omani society and the international community.

   Dr. Ghazi Tadmuri, one of the speakers from Dubai gave a presentation on the role of the consanguineous marriage in the field of reproductive health and determining the genetic diseases in the Arab nations whilst Dr. Salam al-Kindi, Head of Blood Diseases Department from S.Q.U gave a presentation on the genetic differences related to the Sickle-cell anemia in the Sultanate.

   On her turn, Dr. Aisha al-Khayat from S.Q.U presented a technological model in the Sultanate to determine the genetic disorders.

    Dr. Maha al-Khadhouri from S.Q.U stressed the importance of setting up genetic check-up centres in the Gulf Region to conduct pre-marriage test, while Mohammed al-Lamki from S.Q.U debated social, cultural, legal and ethical issues related to developing genes data in the Sultanate.

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