Council of Ministers / Statement about its Meetings .........Part-2


     Out of its belief in the importance of the effective contribution of the tourism sector at the comprehensive development, the Council of Ministers approved the reference terms for preparing the tourism strategy that aims at developing the sector in a bid to promote the Sultanate as a tourist destination. The Council also stressed the importance of building the national capacities that contribute to making the Sultanate a worldly tourist destination. It also stressed the importance of coordination between all respective government establishments and private sector to develop the necessary plans for the training and rehabilitation programmes needed by the sector. 

     In implementation of the previous decision of the Council of Ministers on mining sector, the Council approved that the respective authority will draft the regulations and controls for granting new mining licenses, as well as developing a mechanism by which these companies contribute to the development of local communities, in addition to creating electronic data on the details of mining areas. The Council approved providing attractive incentives and facilities to new investments. 

      While asserting the role of the SMEs' in pushing forward the wheel of development and creating job opportunities for citizens, the Council of Ministers approved adding all service, commercial, trading and contracting activities to the loan programme provided by Oman Development Bank to these establishments. 

     Within the framework of following up the performance of the public organizations, a visual presentation was made on the projects of the aviation sector. On the other hand, the Council of Ministers reviewed the mid-year annual report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the mid-year annual report of the A'Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority, as well as the annual report of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection. Based on these reports, the Council of Ministers affirmed the importance of availing all sorts of support to the service and production sectors which contribute greatly to the comprehensive development. 

     In a bid to give priority to Omani carrier, within the context of fair competition and eliminating the difficulties facing the land transport sector, the Council of Ministers approved the Ministry of Transport and Communications application of a system that helps the international land transportation sector for goods while giving priority to the Omani carrier. It also approved the formation of a committee from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Royal Oman Police to discuss the challenges and difficulties facing the international land transportation sector and proposing the suitable solutions for them. 

       Within the framework of the continuous efforts made to improve the services rendered for citizens, the Council of Ministers approved the sale of government shares at the power plant in Raysut to Dhofar Power and the extension of the plant by adding new production units for power generation; as per the basics and guidelines for this in the Law for the Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water Sector.

      As embodiment of the great care accorded by the Sultanate to human rights, its care for them and as enhancement for the previous success in this regard, the Council of Ministers approved a work mechanism for the preparation of the Sultanate's report for the human rights for 2015. This mechanism requires the cooperation and coordination among all government and national stakeholders. It also stressed the importance of organizing seminars to enhance public understanding and awareness of the international charts and treaties and their objectives. 

       The Council of Ministers approved the executive work plan to combat the illegal trading in cultural property and archeological digging. 

       In a bid to enhance the Sultanate's status and its cultural communication with other countries as crowning of its achievements made in the knowledge and electronic fields while keeping pace with the developments witnessed by the world in this regard, the Council of Ministers approved the Sultanate's hosting of the Regional Centre for Electronic Security of the IMPACT Organization and the International Telecom Union. 

      The Council of Ministers referred a number of draft laws and conventions to Majlis A'Shura as per the Basic Law of the State. It also congratulated the Council of Oman on its new HQs'.