Aachen Hosts Exhibition of Religious Tolerance in Oman


Aachen, Nov 6 (ONA) ---The German city of Aachen will host the exhibition of Religious Tolerance in the Sultanate of Oman in its 23rd station, due to be opened tomorrow (Wednesday).


     The exhibition, which is organized and supervised by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs aims at acquainting with Islam and disseminating a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among nations and peoples.


     Dr. Mohammad bin Said al-Ma'amary, Scientific Advisor at the Minister's Office and Supervisor General of External Exhibitions, said that the exhibition of religious tolerance in Oman is a continuing opportunity, a renewed effort and on-going quest for religions, cultures and peoples who love goodness, happiness and security.


     Dr. al Ma'amary said the goal of the exhibition since the beginning has been to find a common ground among peoples and civilizations, and that this ground gets support and presence of various institutions.  He added the exhibition has enjoyed since its inception in April 2010, a new gush of  positive interaction , started simple and modest, but now has grown and expanded to a wide range of workshops for a better mobility in the relations between religions and cultures in countries visited by the exhibition so far (Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, Belgium and Estonia).


     The exhibition will continue its activities in the German city of Aachen until the end of this month, and will be held at the adult education centre (Volkshochschule).

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